Deep Cuts Week 8 Setlist

Prog Rock Deep Cuts Logo Sandor

1. 21 – echolyn (Suffocating the Bloom)

2. Don’t Land on Me – Knifeworld


From the album Amused to Death by Roger Waters:

3. What God Wants, Part 1

4. Perfect Sense, Part 1

5. Perfect Sense, Part 2

6. The Bravery of Being out of Range


7. Message from Uncle Stan: Green House – Mahogany Frog (Senna)

8. Arrakis – Dun (Eros)

9. Velvet Green (Live) – Jethro Tull (20 Years of Jethro Tull)


From the album Angel’s Egg by Gong:

10. Oily Way

11. Outer Temple

12. Inner Temple


From the album The 6th Story by simakDialog:

13. What Would I Say?

14. For Once and Never


15. One More Red Nightmare – King Crimson (Red)

16. Burden of Proof – The Soft Machine Legacy (Burden of Proof)

17. 27 – Out of the Beardspace (Out of the Beardspace)


From the album Over-nite Sensation (2012 Remaster) by Frank Zappa:

18. Zomby Woof

19. 50/50


20. Your Slime is on Fire – Dweezil Zappa (Live in the Moment)

21. Goblin – Goblin (Roller)

22. Suspicious Waveforms – Thank You Scientist (Maps of Non-Existent Places)

23. Why Not? – Gentle Giant

24. Cleopatra Through – Slivovitz

25. Big-Eyed Beans from Venus – Captain Beefheart (Clear Spot)

26. Brutality of Fact – Herd of Instinct (Conjure)

27. Kedgeree – Mike Keneally (Bakin’ @ the Potato – Live)



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