Jethro Tull’s “Fire at Midnight” International Collaboration

In November 2012, I received a friend request on Facebook from a guitarist named Claudio Delgift. After I accepted it, we began to chat and discovered we had a mutual love of progressive rock and Claudio sent me some links to a few international collaborations he’d orchestrated over the last few years via the internet. Soon, it came up that I was a flute player, inspired by Ian Anderson of the band Jethro Tull to pick up flute and an interest in music.

It wasn’t long after that, that we decided to cover a tune together. We bounced a few ideas back and forth via Youtube videos and finally decided on “Fire at Midnight”, the closing track on Tull’s “Songs from the Wood” LP released in 1977, as it is the first Tull song I ever learned to play.

Over the course of the following year, I received demos of the song in various states of completion and honed my part to be authentic as possible. In December of 2013, I finally tracked my part and Amber Wolfe was kind enough to offer her fireplace as a backdrop.

And so, here it is, January, 2014 and it’s finally here. I couldn’t possibly be prouder of the results. To give you an idea just how international this project really is, here is a list of the collaborators.

Dave Becher: drums (New York, USA)
Ron Hall: bass (Denver Colorado, USA)
Cees Van Ooijen: keys, mixing, and video editing (Holland)
Tim Wardle : vocals (Boca Ratón Florida, USA)
Claudio Delgift: guitars (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Ian Beabout: Flute (West Virginia, USA)


About zombywoof92

Flute player, record collector, self-proclaimed prog rock enthusiast.
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