Deep Cuts Setlist #23



1. Don’t Land on Me – Knifeworld

2. Adagio Maestoso – Kotebel (Concerto for Piano and Electric Ensemble)

3. Indica – Sinouj

4. These Yellow Sands – Diagonal (The Second Mechanism)

5. Ymphasomniac – Web (I Spider)

6. The Cascades! – MiRthkon (Snack(s))

7. Fire at Midnight (Jethro Tull Cover) – International Collaboration


From the Featured album “The Eldritch Dark” by Blood Ceremony

8. Witchwood

9. Ballad of the Weird Sisters

10. The Magician


11. The Sleepwalkers – Van der Graaf Generator (GodBluff)

12. I Like it I’m Into It – The Fierce and the Dead (Spooky Action)

13. Sexual Revolution – Roger Waters (The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking)

14. Hath-Arob – John Zorn / Electric Masada (At The Mountains of Madness)

15. Internal Messenger / Space Plucks – Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come (Galactic Zoo Dossier)

16. Nosferatu – Psoas (Blood Flow)

17. 29 – Bodies Floating Ashore (Bodies Floating Ashore)

18. Living in the Heart of the Beast – Henry Cow (In Praise of Learning)

19. The Duck and Roger the Horse – Cardiacs (On Land and in the Sea)

20. De Futura – Magma (Udu Wudu)

21. Bewitchment – Miriodor (Avanti!)

22. Lucifer Sam – Pink Floyd (The Piper at the Gates of Dawn)

23. Detox Gruel – The Wrong Object (After the Exhibition)

24. Digital Girl – Gong (2032)

25. Justice for Saint Mary – Diablo Swing Orchestra (Pandora’s Piñata)

You can stream this episode here:



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