Deep Cuts #25


1. Batman – John Zorn / Naked City (Naked City)

2. Voodoo Mon Amour – Diablo Swing Orchestra (Pandora’s Pinata)

3. Standard Deviation – Miriodor (Avanti!)

4. Happy Family – King Crimson (Lizard)


From the featured album, “Regenerator 3017” by Djam Karet

5. Prince of the Inland Empire

6. Living in the Future Past

7. Desert Varnish


‘In The Vinyl Vein’ with Zao’s “Kawana

8. Kabal

9. Tserouf


10. Wacky Baccy Banter – Gong (2032)

11. Hostsejd – Änglagård (Epilog)

12. The Utopian and the Teaspoon – Necromonkey (Necroplex)

13. Deor – Thieves’ Kitchen (One for Sorrow, Two for Joy)

14. Beltane – Jethro Tull (20 Years of Jethro Tull)

15. Varkada Blues – Chrome Hoof (Chrome Black Gold)


From the album “On Land and in the Sea” by Cardiacs

16. Arnald

17. The Everso Closely Guarded Line


18. Be Mine – Pixel (We Are All Small Pixels)

19. Bonjour Chez Vous – Univers Zero (Ceux du Dehors)

20. RDNZL – Frank Zappa (Läther)

21. Five Single Combats / Ventilation Calculation / The Forge – Zamla Mammaz Manna (FamilyCracks)


From the album “The Silent Corner and the Empty Stage” by Peter Hammill

22. Modern

23. The Lie ((Bernini’s Saint Theresa))

24. A Louse is Not a Home


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Flute player, record collector, self-proclaimed prog rock enthusiast.
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