Deep Cuts #27


1. Nerve Agents – Atomic Ape (Swarm)

2. Lost – Van der Graaf Generator (H to He, Who Am the Only One)

3. Honey Trap Aftermath – Diablo Swing Orchestra (Pandora’s Piñata)

4. Angherr Shisspa – Koenji Hyakkei (Angherr Shisspa)

5. Good Things – Half Past Four (Good Things)

6. Roque – Aranis (RoqueForte)

7. Dead Silence – Thinking Plague (In Extremis)


From the album, “Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis)” by Praxis

8. Blast / War Dub Machine

9. Giant Robot / Machines in the Modern City / Godzilla


10. “There Seem to be Knifestains in Your Blood” – Necromonkey (A Glimpse of Possible Endings)


From the album, “Galactic Zoo Dossier” by Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come

11. Galactic Zoo

12. Metal Monster

13. Simple Man

14. Night of the Pigs

15. Sunrise


16. Enter the Drobe – Chrome Hoof (Chrome Black Gold)


From the album, “Hopes and Fears” by Art Bears

17. Joan

18. Terrain


19. History and Prospects: Industry – Henry Cow (Western Culture)

20. Freefall – Camel (Mirage)

21. Earth Calling / Born to Go – Hawkwind (Space Ritual)


From the album, “WarChild” by Jethro Tull

22. Back Door Angels

23. Sealion


24. Pygmy Twylyte – Frank Zappa (You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore, Volume 2)


From the album, “Sing to God” by Cardiacs

25. Bellyeye

26. A Horse’s Tail


From the album, “Total Sax Retain” by Saxlife

27. We Have Heaven

28. And You And I


29. Qxp-13 Modulator – MiRthkon (Snack(s))

30. Carousel – Mr. Bungle (Mr. Bungle)

31. Heaven and Earth – King Crimson (The ConstrucKtion of Light)

32. The Bridge – Matt Stevens (Lucid)

33.  El Viaje de Anabelas – Bubu (Anabelas)

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