Ian Plays Ian! – New music from IAN ANDERSON


Ian Plays Ian!

On Tuesday, April 15th, Ian Beabout will be commandeering the daily New at Noon hour on http://www.progrock.com to bring you brand new music from Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson.

New at Noon runs every day from 12-1:00 PM (CDT) on progrock.com. It is designed to feature only the most recent progressive rock and related releases and is picked at random by the station’s auto feed.

However, on April 15th, Prog Rock Deep Cuts host Ian Beabout will be handpicking new music from Ian Anderson’s upcoming solo album HOMO ERRATICUS and presenting it live on air, complete with anecdotes and lesser known facts about Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull’s career.

The upcoming release, Anderson’s first in two years, is a concept album following the sagas of a man struck by malaria-induced delirium who dreams of his past lives. Beginning with his origins as a nomadic Neolithic settler, we trace his development as an Iron Age blacksmith, a Christian monk, and even glimpse forward into his future.

All of this is backed by Anderson’s distinctive flute playing and his talented and road-tested group of musicians who are about to embark on a HOMO ERRATICUS and THE BEST OF JETHRO TULL tour of Europe, the United States, and all over the world. It is not to be missed!

Fans are encouraged to tune in live and join the chat room for this very special event. Beabout, a life-time Tull devotee with a unique passion for Anderson’s music, will also be taking requests and answering any inquiries about this one-time-only event at progrockdeepcuts@gmail.com.

Stream live here: http://www.streamlicensing.com/play/player.php?sid=1855&stream_id=3143

Chat link: http://www.progrock.com/chat.htm


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Prog Rock Deep Cuts Weeks 29 and 30

1. Balrog Boogie – Diablo Swing Orchestra (Pandora’s Piñata)
2. Little Green Men – Steve Vai (Flex-able)
3. Look at the Animals – Jethro Tull (Nightcap: The Unreleased Masters)
4. Baby Heart Dirt – Cardiacs (On Land and in the Sea)
5. Blue Cheadle – Cheer Accident (Fear Draws Misfortune)
6. Isle of Everywhere – Gong (You)
7. Louisville Stomp – The Aristocrats (Culture Clash)
8. Dog Breath, in the Year of the Plague – Frank Zappa (Uncle Meat)
9. Crutches – Discipline (Unfolded Like Staircase) BY REQUEST
10. Amelia Earhart – The Muffins (Manna / Mirage)

From the Featured Album, Impressionist Symphony by Clearlight
11. Renoir En Couleur
12. Pissarro King

13. Nerve Agents – Atomic Ape (Swarm)
14. 354 – Gosta Berlings Saga (Detta Har Hänt)
15. Nord Company vs the Lead Company – Happy Family (Toscco)
16. Kidzapunk – Mike Keneally (You Must be This Tall)
17. Hard on Me – Richard Thompson (Semi-detached Mock Tudor)
18. Amygdala – Henry Cow (LegEnd)
19. Time and Space – Gnidrolog (In Spite of Harry’s Toe-nail)
20. Syntelman’s March of the Roaring 70′s – Amon Düül II (Tanz der Lemminge)
21. Wings À La Mode – French, Frith, Kaiser, and Thompson (Live, Love, Larf & Loaf) BY REQUEST
22. Natura – Zao (Kawana)
23. Thela Hun Ginjeet – King Crimson (Discipline)
24. Knock Knock Hornet’s Nest – Necromonkey (Necroplex)
25. Ki Ïahl Ö Lïahk – Magma (1.001 Degrees Centigrades)

1. Tziidall Raszhisst – Koenji Hyakkei (Angherr Shisspa)
2. The Barbarian – Emerson, Lake, and Palmer (Emerson, Lake, and Palmer)
3. Island – Gösta Berlings Saga (Glue Works)
4. Kevlar Sweethearts – Diablo Swing Orchestra (Pandora’s Piñata)
5. 21st Century Schizoid Man – King Crimson (Live at the Marquee, 1971)
6. The Boys in the Band – Gentle Giant (Octopus)

From the Featured Album, Lucid by Matt Stevens
7. Unsettled
8. The Other Side
9. Oxymoron

10. The Sushi Bar – Happy Family (Toscco)
11. Generale – Premiata Forneria Marconi (Per un Amico)

From the Featured Album, Roxy by Proxy by Frank Zappa and the Mothers
12. Penguin in Bondage
13. T’mershi Duween
14. Dog Meat
16. Encore: King Kong / Chunga’s Revenge / Mr. Green Genes
17. Village of the Sun
18. Echidna’s Arf (Of You)
19. Don’t You Ever Wash That Thing?
20. Cheepnis – Percussion Only
21. Cheepnis

22. Eskaton – Eskaton (Eskaton)
23. Sista Somrar – Änglagård (Epilog)
24. “Iss” Lansei Doa – Magma (Mythes et Legendes, Epok I)
25. Laahustaja – Höyry-kone (Huono Parturi)
26. Ersatz – Present (Le Poison Qui Rend Fou)
27. Killer – Van der Graaf Generator (H to He Who Am the Only One)
28. Firth of Fifth – Genesis (Selling England by the Pound)
29. Puppet Show – Sleepytime Gorilla Museum (In Glorious Times)
30. Gravitá 9,81 – Arti & Mestieri (First Live in Japan)

31. Les voleurs d’Ombre – Univers Zero (Phosphorescent Dreams)

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1. Terva-Antti ku häihin lähti – Höyry-kone (Huono Parturi)

2. Fohat Digs Holes in Space – Gong (Camembert Electrique)

3. Plague – Doctor Nerve (Skin)

4. To Rid This Disease – Opeth (Damnation)

5. Mental Tov – John Zorn’s Electric Masada (At The Mountains of Madness)

6. Rudy – Supertramp (Crime of the Century)

7. Guerrilla Laments – Diablo Swing Orchestra (Pandora’s Piñata)

8. Abba Zaba – Captain Beefheart (Safe as Milk)

9. Coven of Coyotes – miRthkon (Vehicle)

10. It All Trickles Down – Jethro Tull (Bends Like a Willow)

11. Fiery Gun Hand – Cardiacs (Sing to God)


From the album, The Táin by Horslips

12. Setanta

13. Maeve’s Court

14. Charolais

15. The March

16. You Can’t Fool the Beast

17. Dearg Doom

18. Ferdia’s Song

19. Gae Bolga


20. The Rake’s Song – The Decemberists (Hazards of Love)


From the album, Swaddling Songs by Mellow Candle

21. Dan the Wing

22. The Poet and the Witch

23. Silver Song


24. Mictlan – Guapo (Five Suns)

25. Droplet – Už Jsme Doma (Caves)

26. Aurae – Magma (Mythes et Legendes, Epok 1)

27. Bagatelles: Slow Land – The Science Group (Spoors)

28. Darkness (11/11) – Van der Graaf Generator (The Least We Can Do Is Wave To Each Other)

29. Action – Ian Beabout

30. Bolide Debile (Daredevil) – Miriodor (Avanti!)


From the album, Lumpy Money by Frank Zappa

31. Lonely Little Girl

32. Harry, You’re a Beast

33. Absolutely Free


34. Passenger – Atomic Ape (Swarm)

35. More Once More – Finneus Gauge (More Once More)

36. Sidney Wells – Richard Thompson (Dream Attic)

37. Le Poison Qui Rend Fou, Part 1: Ram Ram Va Faire “Pif Paf” – Present (Le Poison Qui Rend Fou)

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Horslips, Mellow Candle, Frank Zappa, Magma, Doctor Nerve

Hello everyone!

            Spring is almost upon us and for me, this means one thing – Spring Break! Also for me, this means one more thing (actually that’s two things now) – more music time!

            So, what does this mean for this week’s Deep Cuts (3/13)?  Well, this means that I get more music time! (And if this post has taught me anything, it’s that I should probably cut down on my use of the word ‘mean’!).

            So what have we got this week, then?  Well, as Saint Patrick’s Day is just under a week away, I thought I’d do a tribute to Irish folk in prog.  HorslipsThe Táin, a concept album based on Irish folk tales, comes to mind immediately as a perfect album in the vein of progressive Irish folk / rock, as well as Mellow Candle‘s wonderfully intense and beautiful Swaddling Songs, a rare album that never quite gets its due in the prog sphere.

            Additionally, we’ll also be paying a lengthy tribute to the 46th anniversary of one of my favorite records, Frank Zappa’s We’re Only in it for the Money, released in March of 1968.  We’ll top it off with some rare live Magma, Chris Buzby’s Finneus Gauge, Doctor Nerve, and live John Zorn, making for an epic journey through prog’s uncharted waters.


Specializing in rare cuts by classic and modern bands, Prog Rock Deep Cuts is a forward thinking, live radio show that promises to match the obscure with the new and fresh. Intelligent, emotional, and visceral classic to modern progressive rock broadcasted live every Thursday from 7-10 pm EST on http://www.progrock.com.


Stream live here: http://www.streamlicensing.com/play/player.php?sid=1855&stream_id=3143

Chat link: http://www.progrock.com/chat.htm

Stream Last Week’s Show Here: http://www.mixcloud.com/progrockdeepcuts/prog-rock-deep-cuts-27/

4-7 pm – US West Timezone (California)
5-8 pm – US Mountain (Colorado)
6-9 pm – US Central Standard
7-10 pm – US Eastern Timezone (NYC, Florida)
10 pm – 1 pm – Brazil
11 pm – 2 am – UK
1 am – 5 am – France, Italy, Netherlands, Egypt
8 am – 12 am – Japan, Korea


If you represent a band and are interested in submitting your music for consideration, please send a press kit to:

Prog Rock Deep Cuts with Ian Beabout

PO Box 6120

Wheeling WV, 26003

Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ProgRockDeepCuts
Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ProgRockDeepCut


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Deep Cuts #27


1. Nerve Agents – Atomic Ape (Swarm)

2. Lost – Van der Graaf Generator (H to He, Who Am the Only One)

3. Honey Trap Aftermath – Diablo Swing Orchestra (Pandora’s Piñata)

4. Angherr Shisspa – Koenji Hyakkei (Angherr Shisspa)

5. Good Things – Half Past Four (Good Things)

6. Roque – Aranis (RoqueForte)

7. Dead Silence – Thinking Plague (In Extremis)


From the album, “Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis)” by Praxis

8. Blast / War Dub Machine

9. Giant Robot / Machines in the Modern City / Godzilla


10. “There Seem to be Knifestains in Your Blood” – Necromonkey (A Glimpse of Possible Endings)


From the album, “Galactic Zoo Dossier” by Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come

11. Galactic Zoo

12. Metal Monster

13. Simple Man

14. Night of the Pigs

15. Sunrise


16. Enter the Drobe – Chrome Hoof (Chrome Black Gold)


From the album, “Hopes and Fears” by Art Bears

17. Joan

18. Terrain


19. History and Prospects: Industry – Henry Cow (Western Culture)

20. Freefall – Camel (Mirage)

21. Earth Calling / Born to Go – Hawkwind (Space Ritual)


From the album, “WarChild” by Jethro Tull

22. Back Door Angels

23. Sealion


24. Pygmy Twylyte – Frank Zappa (You Can’t Do That On Stage Anymore, Volume 2)


From the album, “Sing to God” by Cardiacs

25. Bellyeye

26. A Horse’s Tail


From the album, “Total Sax Retain” by Saxlife

27. We Have Heaven

28. And You And I


29. Qxp-13 Modulator – MiRthkon (Snack(s))

30. Carousel – Mr. Bungle (Mr. Bungle)

31. Heaven and Earth – King Crimson (The ConstrucKtion of Light)

32. The Bridge – Matt Stevens (Lucid)

33.  El Viaje de Anabelas – Bubu (Anabelas)

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Deep Cuts #26



From the Featured Album, “Swarm” by Atomic Ape

1. Red Tide

2. The Blind Snake Charmer

3. Heraklion


4. Still There’ll Be More – Procol Harum (Home)

5. I’m Raining Here, Inside – Mike Keneally (Wing Beat Fantastic)

6. Contrasong – Egg (The Polite Force)


7. R.I.P. [Requiescant In Pace] – Banco del Mutuo Soccorso (Banco del Mutuo Soccorso)

8. 750.000 anni fa… l’amore? – Banco del Mutuo Soccorso (Darwin!)

9. Canto Nomade Per Un Prigioniero Politico – Banco del Mutuo Soccorso (Io Sono Nato Libero)


10. Mediterranean Sundance – Al Di Meola (Elegant Gypsy)

11. Cobra Fakir – Miriodor (Cobra Fakir)


From the featured album, “Phosphorescent Dreams” by Univers Zero

12. Shaking Hats

13. Tres Affables


14. Halleluhwah – Can (Tago Mago)


In the Vinyl Vein with Gong’s “Flying Teapot

15. Radio Gnome Invisible

16. Pot Head Pixies

17. The Octave Doctors and the Crystal Machine

18. Zero the Hero and the Witch’s Spell

19. Witch’s Song, I am Your Pussy


20. (A) Glimpse (of Possible Endings) – Necromonkey (A Glimpse of Possible Endings)

21. Half Asleep, Half Awake – Henry Cow (Unrest)


22. When the Spell is Broken – Richard Thompson (Celtschmerz)

23. Gethsemane – Richard Thompson (Live at the BBC)


24. The Lark In The Morning, Rakish Paddy, Fox-Hunter’s Jig (Medley) – Fairport Convention (Liege and Leif)

25. Song for Comus – Comus (First Utterance)

26. Red Shift – Peter Hammill (The Silent Corner and the Empty Stage)

27. The Whole World Window – Cardiacs (A Little Man and a House and the Whole World Window)

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New Univers Zero, Atomic Ape, Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, Necromonkey, Can, Hawkwind (2/27)

Yahoo.com has blocked me from sending out the weekly mailer. They think I’m “spamming” … I’ve got another word for it, “promoting”! Regardless, I’m sorry about this.

There WILL be a Deep Cuts tonight and it will feature the new release by Univers Zero, “Phosphorescent Dreams”, Atomic Ape‘s, “Swarm”, and the new Necromonkey, “A Glimpse of Possible Endings”.

Additionally, we will also be dipping Into The Vinyl Vein with Gong’s “Flying Teapot” and finishing off with a tribute to Francesco di Giacomo, lead vocalist of Banco del Mutuo Soccorso, who tragically passed away last weekend.

All this, and Still There’ll be More on Deep Cuts! Can we fit it all into three hours? You can come and see for yourself!

As always, it will be 7-10 PM EST.

Listen live: http://progrock.com/pr/
Chat: http://www.progrock.com/chat.htm


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